Probrowse is a life tool that can improve the relationship between local businesses and consumers. We wanted to develop a simple way for businesses to productively connect with their clients, while at the same time providing a platform that makes it easy and convenient for people to stay in touch with the local businesses they like.

As other networks grow in complexity, cost and confusion, we felt that providing a free, simple, and helpful tool would be more useful for the world. We hope you like it.


Concerned about the extreme waste created by direct mail, the founders of ProBrowse conducted an experiment. We decided to collect and put in a bag all the direct mail we received in a week's time. At the end of the week we had two full bags, nearly all of it unopened. Thus, though the following statistics alarmed us, they didn't surprise us.

  • 100 million trees are ground up each year for unsolicited mail.
  • It wastes 28 billion gallons of water for paper processing each year.
  • Nearly 40 pounds of junk mail is sent to every adult each year. Approximately 44% goes to a landfill unopened, resulting in more than 4 million tons of paper waste each year.
  • The production and disposal of junk mail consumes more energy than 2.8 million cars.*

Our Philosophy

At ProBrowse, we understand that communication with local customers is the life blood of small business. We just don't believe bulk/direct mail is the best answer. That's why we've created an on-line network that conveniently connects people to their friends and local businesses.